Thursday, October 26, 2006

walk of death, day three of halloween, potluck slideshow with unwitting experiments in muteness

wednesday's walk was full of death. skulls everywhere. drawn,


and inflated.

ok, i knew about the inflataskull ahead of time. the others were random though.

in keeping with the skully theme, today's photo for a week of halloween is...a skull.

joe had an entry in last night's slideluck potshow in capitol hill.

it was my first time at one of their events. we missed the potluck section (which, you know, fine. i'm kinda' scarred from a billion church potlucks in my youth anyway.) but the slideshow part was pretty cool. there were some fantastic entries and some not so fantastic entries but overall it was really successful. i'd go again.

unfortunately, right before we arrived at the space, i lost my voice again. thankfully, i had my sketchbook in my bag so i was able to communicate with a mixture of notes, pantomime and translations from leff. plus, joe taught me the asl signs for diarrhea and bullshit. (i still felt like a party trick half the night.)

d said that her new bf j had an entry in last night's show but i'm unsure which it was. (i hope that i didn't leave with a coughing fit during his section. sorry if i did, j!)

i'll leave you with a photo of the crowd waiting for the analog slide section to start.

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