Saturday, October 14, 2006

autumnal cephalopod, 7-11

you wouldn't know it by the temperatures in seattle but it's really fall. the tip-off comes in the form of leaves,

laotian stickers with sunflares

and the arrival of amigurumi cephalopods.

(from beeskneesindustries.)

other things that showcase the cyclical nature of this, our planet earth include late night trips to 7-11 when one has skipped both showings of missile command at central cinema. (that's right. nobody ever made history by being a big puss. hahaha! (watch the trailer. you'll see.))

all of this was just a roundabout way of saying, no, nothing happened yesterday. and that, yes, today will be better because the viaduct is closed to auto traffic but open to foot traffic. and guess who rsvped to walk on and/or around the viaduct's earthquake battered asphalt? that's right. me. (thanks, upcoming!)

photos coming soon. i'm sure you're thrilled.

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