Thursday, October 12, 2006

cupcakes, skully d, john hodgman

remember the matcha mix from trader joe's? it's been turned into 48 teeny, tiny cupcakes. here they are before frosting.

and with a mascarpone icing.

aw, how cute! you know what would make it cuter? a deer standing next to it.


i love these cupcakes. the matcha mix is very good, très bon, muy bueno, etc. so thumbs up, five gold stars, ding ding ding, i highly recommend it.

yesterday, while on my daily constitutional, (otherwise known as "walking" when i'm not on a polysyllabic spree) i found a plastic skull grimacing at me from the pavement.

i've named him "chompers". and, yes, i'm lying about naming him "chompers".

leff and i made it to the john hodgman reading last night at elliot bay books. we were almost late because we had to wait forever on the freakin' bus.

it was *crowded* at the reading. and rightfully so! john hodgman and jonathan coulton are an amazing duo to behold! (even if you're beholding them through a crowded room.)
i apologize for the blurriness of these upcoming photos. i was laughing the whole night so my camerawork was pretty piss poor. see what i mean?

mr. hodgman read from some of my favorite parts of his book--"secrets of the mall of america" (with updated segments) and some of "what you did not know about hobos". during the hobos section (which did not include hobo names. but if you really need to hear those again, click away.) he drew the mark of the hobos' rise to power. in my world, he did it quite blurrily.

jonathan coulton had to leave a bit early due to his show at the rendezvous but before departing he sang "code monkey" which we all love.

shortly after reading a negative campaign ad against mr. coultron, john hodgman took a break to have some delicious brandy which he shared with an audience member while playing a section of his audio version of the areas of my expertise.

that's one lucky, lucky audience member.

the q&a was facilitated by walkie talkies that made their way through the audience. sadly, we left at this time because, even though i hate it, i am addicted to project runway and part one of the season finale was last night. (it really wasn't worth the early departure. stupid sewing controversy.)

so to recap, cupcakes? yum! the skull is not named chompers and john hodgman and jonathan coulton how do i love thee both? let me count the one thousand, two one thousand....


Anonymous said...

You sure know how to ice an cupcake, such a stylized treat! :)

Hodgman is coming to Durham in two weeks, yeah! I'll let you know what walkie talkie discussions took place.

r4kk4 said...

why thank you! :D! i cheated this time and piped it on.

you have GOT to see his reading! he's FANTASTIC!

i would LOVE it if you could tell me what happened with the walkie talkie! :D!

fidget said...

Oooh, Matt/Xander is going to be so upset when he finds out he missed Hodgman and Coulton (he's a huge Coulton fan). I saw them last month at Bumbershoot, and they were a hoot (I'm also jealous I missed them again--must pay more attention to the comings and goings in this artsy town?

r4kk4 said...

i didn't realize that you were both so into them or i would've called you! sorry!!

well, daniel handler is at town hall on oct 26th. and amy sedaris is at neumos on oct 30th.

bill bryson is at twon hall on the 27th.

frank black is doing an instore at easy street on nov 13th at 6pm. that's going to be HUGE!

fidget said...

I'm on the waiting list to see Daniel Handler at the Town Hall (as Lemoney Snicket)--they sold out yesterday before I could get to the bookstore to get my ticket, grrr. Do you know if he's doing anything else while he's here?

r4kk4 said...

well, crud. i was going to try to get tickets tomorrow. damn.

i don't know of anything else that he's doing. but now i think i'll be at the professor fred extravaganzasplosion instead of at town hall now.

(seriously, a bmovie, prof fred and some free schwag plus a band. i know, it's corny but i'm a prof fred fangirl.)