Wednesday, October 04, 2006

a nonsurprise surprise party

so the big thing that i've been working on but couldn't tell you about was...a surprise party for leff. (i couldn't tell you since he gets my feed.)

i almost got away with it too. i made sure that he stayed out all day entertaining his dad. (leff would call and i'd be all "why don't you go on the ferries!" he'd call again and i'd say "the library is nice!" etc, etc) but then, thirty minutes, thirty minutes before everyone was supposed to show up and when i was starting to get things ready, leff took a break from his dad, came home and saw what i was doing.


oh well, it was still fun. thanks to everyone that came by! for those of you that couldn't attend here's some virtual food.

mini pesto pizzas on french bread, shallow fried dumplings with cream cheese and chive and cream cheese and jalepeno filling, mini twice baked potatoes, some cotswald/pub cheese, curds, grapes, cupcakes with orange buttercream icing and the aforementioned red hat cake.

here's the kitchen this morning.

i know, i know. it's kinda' a small, wonky pano but i'm still half drunk. i also think that leff cheated and cleaned up a bit last night. either that, or everyone we know is very considerate. (it's probably a combination of both of those things.)

i'm going to sleep off the gin, tequila and beer now.

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