Friday, October 13, 2006

bamboo garden, tower

i heart bamboo garden.

it's my favorite all veggie chinese restaurant not in the international district. (top honors go to vegetarian bistro. i mean, the hum buns...*homeresque drooling* (and, no, not the odyssey homer. i'm fairly certain that he didn't drool.))

anyway, yesterday i had a wicked craving for bamboo garden's sweet and sour chicken.

you have a craving for it now too, don't you? it's superb. the texture is perfect, it's just chickeny enough and the sauce isn't overpowering. plus the peppers. oh MAN, the peppers are *so* fresh!

leff had the five spicy treasure

which was, indeed, spicy (he eats very spicy food.) and full of treasure? wait, no. that sounds like there was pirate booty buried under the deliciousness. there wasn't but it was certainly flavorful!

we also shared an order of taro root cake.

something in the fried nature of this dish reminded us of mcdonald's (er, could it be the fried part?) but not in a bad way. in that, mmmm! crispy and deep fried and "aaah! comfort food!" kind of way.

does that make sense?

we didn't close down the bamboo garden

but we did visit the tower down the street that's closing for good.

it's got to do with the fye buyout. that and the fact that, oh my god, did they ever overprice the hell out of everything! i won't be sad to see them go. unless they turn the building into condos and then i'll wish that tower hadn't left.

ah, but i haven't shared our fortunes with you yet.

apparently, i should expect a change for the better in a job or status in the future. (good! i can't wait to turn in my two week notice at my current place of employment!) and leff has prosperity in his future. hooray! hooray for fortunes!

i've gotta go now. it's sunny outside

(maybe you can see some of the blue sky reflected in the upper right corner of my sunglasses?) and too nice to be cooped up inside.

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