Sunday, October 22, 2006


you regular readers know about me and my young adult fiction fixation. for those of you new to this site, hi, my name is rakka. i'm 33 and i read kidlit.

yesterday devilish was waiting for me at the library.

i'd heard about the book through the cupcakes take the cake ladies. to say that i now love maureen johnson and her awesome writing style is a bit inadequate. to say that i lovelovelove her and her awesomesuperfantastical writing style is getting closer to the truth.

i now have her remaining three books in transit to my local branch library. and, when i get around to buying those tickets at elliot bay books for the bill bryson reading, i'll also pick up a copy of devilish.

in the mean time, i'll be reading her blog.

and now back to sleep. i have a feeling that my cold is trying to be my bff. the stupid thing doesn't realize that the feelings have to be mutual in order for us to exchange pendants.

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