Monday, October 16, 2006

sick leave

hi, all. i've caught leff's stupid illness and won't be around for a while. thankfully, my cold's not developed to quite the extent that his did since i started taking zinc a lot earlier than him but i still feel like death working overtime.

in the mean time, i'll keep eating those lovely zinc lozenges up there, sleeping and recuperating. bye.


Anonymous said...

Oh, no! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

honey i hope u feel better soon

i was going to call u today but it was raining on the way home and i didn't want to risk driving and talkin on the phone. now i'm glad i didn't

i'll try later in the week

Lisa B said...

Sick! Oh noes!! Feel good soon!

Anonymous said...

How's it going rakka deer? it was all that booze right? you're not sick...just really really really hung-over.

: )

r4kk4 said...

thanks, all!

i'm feeling almost human today. ;D

i wish it HAD been booze! hangovers i know how to deal with. ;D