Thursday, October 05, 2006

leff goes on vacation and i watch television

leff is on his way to cannon beach this morning with his dad. i've sent a request for goonies schwag along with him.

his being gone means that i've got two days to myself. i suppose i'm getting older because my idea of "freedom" means making spaghetti with ground turkey in it for dinner. and maybe finally watching that rollergirls dvd. and possibly watching the nova about peat bog mummies. (leff gets kinda' freaked out about peat bog mummies. ok, mummies in general.)

also i can turn the radiators up really high. mmmmm...toasty warmness!

i won't have good photos for the next two days since 1) he's taken the good camera 2) he's also taken the usb cable so i can't download photos off of our crappy camera. so it's cameraphone images for you. like this one of a hamster sitting on a cuff that aliceofkansas sent to me.

i'll try not to be so boring tomorrow but, well, i have a pseudo-in-law hangover. i'm sure that you fellow co-habitators understand. (and you marrieds and those with serious s.o.s can probably relate as well.)

right, where was i? oh yeah, bye.

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