Monday, October 30, 2006


leff and i were in a funk. (it always happens when it's the first day we're off daylight savings time.) so i says to myself i says "self, wouldn't it be fun to make some easter eggs?" to which my self replied "it's october, stupid."

i'm so mean.

anyway, i decided to bounce the idea off leff. "leff" i said "do you want to celebrate easterween this year?"

"easterween?" he queried (er, but not on google)"what's that?"

"it's when we decorate easter eggs as halloween monsters." (i made this up on the spot. amazingly, he didn't notice.)

"oh, sure then!" leff is always game for things.

here, dear reader, are our first ever easterween eggs!

we both made pumpkins

leff's is on the left. mine is on the right. (i tried to make it look like a hillbilly.) (materials: acrylic, sharpie, eggs.)

i made a bat with flappy paper wings.

(materials: acrylic, sharpie, paper, egg)

leff went transylvannian with a dracula egg.

(materials: acrylic, sharpie, egg)

i countered with a frankenegg.

(materials: acrylic, sharpie, paper, egg)

and then leff blew all of the other eggs out of the water with this, the most awesome mummy egg!

(materils: acrylic, sharpie, medical tape, egg)

i mean, how incredible IS that? leff is awesome!

here are all the eggs hanging out.

look! almost four cups!

drac and the bat are now all humpty dumpty. (leff was hungry)

happy easterween!


Brit said...

I love all the monster eggs! Did you see Poopscape's project on Swapatorium?

Irregular Shed said...

Congrats on the Make mention!

Anonymous said...

You are more crafty than Martha Stewart and funnier than Amy Sedaris. You are my hero. :)

When the hell will there be a Glitter Pissing TV show? Somebody get this gal her own show.

Love the easterween eggs! :)

r4kk4 said...

oh no!! i didn't see poopscape's project! that's AWESOME!!!! what a fantastic idea! and thanks!!

thanks, shed!!!

and, holy hell, thank you, colleen! *serious blushing going on!*

you wouldn't want me to be on tv. i'd break the camera. ;D

jqln said...

easterween? AMAZING. i still have some hope of catching on to the festive spirit!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, jacqueline!!

it's never too late to get into the halloween spirit! you can do it! put on some cat ears or something! (tee hee! :D!)

Mare said...

My cheeks hurt from laughing! You are the best, and I would watch your TV show if you had one.

And really, now I have to have cupcakes all the time. What's up with that? :)

r4kk4 said...

aw, now YOUR making me blush, mare! thanks so much! :D!

cupcakes....they're addictive. if i wanted to be mean, i'd link to the cupcakes take the cake blog. ;D cupcakes photos each and every day!

r4kk4 said...

er, i meant YOU'RE.

never type without coffee. ;D

r.bean said...

most eggsellent! an egg for every holiday...yes, I predict that there will be birthday eggs, martin luther king eggs, labor day eggs....but what could compare with these morbidly inspired gems?
rakk it rakka!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, beany! :D!

i think there should be eggs for every holiday. but i think i'm only saying that because we have two dozen in the fridge that we need to use! haha!