Sunday, October 29, 2006

day six of halloween, dia de los muertos, the lamest pumpkin in the world

day six of halloween is maybe not so creepy so much as funny in that inside joke kind of way. here are some froooozen booones!

i went for the kill with assonance with that one. a little known fact, assonance is funnier than consonance because it has "ass" in it.

right, right, so yesterday i went to the set up of the dia de los muertos celebration at seattle center. i haven't been back (although i'm planning on it) but it looks to be bigger and better organized than last year's fete. some random photos, if you will.

two from the large sand drawing:

and my favorite skeleton so far:

sorry that they're all a little blurry. i'll try to get better photos later today.

my pumpkin is still sitting around uncarved. i did decorate it a little bit last night. see, it's now a texas ranger named jason.

maybe i'll just carve a walker in it and leave the texas ranger badge on it. then i'd have a chuck norris pumpkin and i'd be finished with the damn thing already.

oh yeah, if you're in the parts of the u.s. that observe daylight savings time, remember to set your clocks back an hour today because we're through with dst until the spring. damn it.

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