Sunday, October 01, 2006

sunday and it's grey

remember all those big plans that i made for saturday? you know, smithsonian museum day? and the sustainable ballard festival? well, see, it was grey outside so i didn't bother walking to the nordic heritage museum after my dayjob requirements were finished. and, well, the sustainable festival is today and not yesterday like i thought.

to be honest, i'd rather go to i heart rummage today instead of trekking back out to ballard for the festival. sometimes i just have the need to be a consumer instead of watching biodiesel production. (seriously, kathy steig's hand towels. hella awesome! and we need hand towels.)

where was i going with this? oh yeah! sorry, ballard! i'm glad you're trying to be as fully sustainable as possible but i'll have to make the festival next year.

and so ends, possibly, one of the dullest weeks of my life. (yeah, i'm one of those people that consider monday to be the start of a new week instead of sunday.) have some candy.

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