Wednesday, October 11, 2006

goats, transformer, lensy mcportrait, fubar

not much new to report. tuesdays are "wait around for groceries days" so i stuck pretty close to the homestead. and then i watched "veronica mars".

i read something about seattle city light using goats to clear ivy and blackberry bushes from a steep hill instead of using pesticide which is nice and reminded me of my friend l from middle school. (her family lived in a laaarge mansion in the middle of a bunch of strip malls. (vintage wallpaper even. l couldn't hang up pictures of michael j. fox because of the wallpaper and it was forever vexing to her.) they kept goats to clear their land and for milk, butter and cheese. awesome family. i loved staying over at l's.)

here's a photo of a new addition to our family. leff's mom sent him an optimus prime for his bday. it's now located in the "red" section of our library.

and i took a self portrait for you.

and look at that! i'm even wearing my ubiquitous green hoodie over my head because i'm cold and the camera is obscuring most of my face. quelle surprise! (i actually just wanted a shot of the dirty lens in my super 8. it turned into a "self portrait" because of the reflection.)

i also took yet another shot of fujiko

who is currently trying to stick her head into a plastic bag containing a new video card that m gave us. thanks, m!! stop being such a tard, fujiko! (it's times like this that we call her fubar. it's apt.)

tomorrow's entry should be more interesting. leff and i are headed to elliot bay tonight to see john hodgman. i'll try to get photos but, well, people insist upon showing up every time john hodgman's in town so it might be difficult. (heh heh.)

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