Monday, October 02, 2006

rummage, cleaning, dyeing

leff and i walked to the croc yesterday for i heart rummage. there's a new curator and, while there were some very nice items and, as always, everything was of super high quality, there just wasn't anything in which i was particularly interested.

not a kathy steig handtowel in sight.

ah well, there was another monster on our way to belltown

so it made the trip worth it.

on the way back to the apt, we picked up supplies for leff's bday cake. sorry to disappoint but this cake is just going to be a straight up round cake. (i haven't had any time lately to make shaped and/or decorated ones.) it should be tasty though! and geeky in that i'm making it because it's a red hat cake.

yes, before you ask, i will be calling the mascarpone filling a "fedora core".

sigh...that is *so* geeky.

just when you thought that the cleaning would never end, it didn't. ha. you thought it had, didn't you?

leff pitched in and scrubbed all the dirty dishes. he finds the chore to be more enjoyable when he can watch dvds in the cupboard.

and as if a sunday couldn't get more boring, i'll add that i also dyed my hair. i went browner this time instead of the usual red and, wow, i'm into it. no photo, sorry. i mean, it's just a normal brownish/red color so it's not even exciting except to me since i haven't seen my real hair color in quite a while.

now to leave you with the wisdom of our elders...


Mads said...

Hi there.

I really like your blog and follows it daily. You take really cool pictures.

Do you know who are behind the grafitti monsters? I really like them and thought about using them on some t-shirts.

Take care,


r4kk4 said...

thanks so much, mads! you're too kind! :D! and thanks for reading my drivel every day!

i don't know who does the grafitti monsters yet. i'm still trying to find out. rest assured that i'll post who makes them once i find out because they're AWESOME!)

Mads said...

I just did a search on Flickr and found some more by the same artist:

Apparently they are located at a place called Pike Place Market.

r4kk4 said...

that would make a lot of sense. pike place market is downtown in seattle, about a mile or so from where i've been taking photos of the monsters.

it's cool that this person tagged the market! :D!

here's pike place if you're interested. it's an open air market that operates year round in town. lots of fresh produce, fish and flowers. it gets really crowded, however, since it's a very popular place with tourists (esp during the summer months.)

the very first starbucks is also located there.

Mads said...

Thanks for the link. I know very little about Seattle actually, so it was good to see.

r4kk4 said...

oh, you're welcome!

i only know a little bit about seattle 'cause i've only lived here for a year and one month but it's a great city. it's the best place i've ever lived.