Sunday, October 15, 2006

viaduct, more food, the rack, schmancy

leff and i woke up too early for a saturday morning. why? because the viaduct was closed! (it's almost like christmas and kwanza and hannukah all rolled up into one big ball of fun! except not because it's really just an elevated roadway that was devoid of its usual traffic. with no wrapped presents.)

we signed up for the allied arts tour of the waterfront. free coffee and doughnuts plus a lovely silence from above. (if you've ever walked along alaskan way in seattle or any of the other streets that are parallel to the viaduct, you know how deafening the sound of traffic can be.)

there was a lot of press coverage. here's one example.

leff and i, as usual, avoided all cameras 'cause we have no desire to be on televison. ever.

you know how i like to keep this site politically neutral when i can (well, as far as *specific* issues are concerned.) but i'm going to say that, yes, i'm in favor of viaduct replacement (and by that i mean replacing the damn thing with something that's not an eyesore). i just don't know which option i favor at this point.

anyway, enough with the political, let's just enjoy the empty viaduct, shall we?

luther enjoys the silence quite like depeche mode before him.

since we were near pike place anyway and it was lunchtime, leff and i stopped at taxi dogs for lunch.

they have dill relish.

i LOVE dill relish.

and smoked salmon.

and ice cream.

but i only ate the relish, er, i mean taxi dog.

after lunch, we stopped by the rack. i heart the rack. just, you know, NOT ON SATURDAYS!! it was so crowded that i almost wanted to walk out without my new sunglasses. but i didn't.

(the bottom pair are the new ones.)

the rack almost killed us both (haha! if i was in the middle of the spanish inquisition, that sentence wouldn't have been amusing at all!) so after coffee, we stopped by schmancy for the plush you show!

it was even more fantastic than i thought it would be! and that's saying something! i mean, LOOK AT THIS SQUID!!!

(i can't believe that i forgot to get the artist contact info on that plush! i'm very sorry! i'll try to go back and get that for you!)

leff and i left with an invisible plan figure by mars-1

and a vinyl, not plush but vinyl dounut from my paper crane.

also, some free schwag

and a monster tag.

(does anyone know who's making those stickers?)

on the walk home i finally got a photo of my favorite building texture

and the confusing manson "graveyard slut" sticker.

i always thought that lydia from "beetlejuice" was more of a graveyard slut. or maybe even emily the strange. manson has always been more of a graveyard creator to me. ah, well, i'm getting pedantic.

today? not much going on except reassembling leff's office. (long story short, the new video card from m did not fit in our computer. *le sadness*)


Anonymous said...

the hotdog on the taxi dog sign looks insanely real.

r4kk4 said...

it's a truly bizarre sign.

you wouldn't think that it would make you hungry but it's surprisingly effective!

er, at least it makes me crave hot dogs.