Saturday, October 28, 2006

day five of halloween, errands, regina spektor, dinner party

today's halloween photo is a little devilish.

yesterday was partially a ballard day. among the many tiny errands, i managed a stop at archie mcphee where i purchased a glow-in-the-dark octopus.

back in the lqa, i FINALLY bought a pumpkin

which will be carved today? tomorrow?

later that day, j called about the regina spektor in store at easy street. j is notorious for arriving hella early to these things, standing forever and getting annoyed. yesterday was no exception. we waited

for over an hour. it was *totally* blowin' gold.

(photo courtesy of j)

but once regina spektor arrived it was worth it, i guess.

(i apologize for the crappiness of that photo. i hadn't switched my phone to "night mode" on the camera and it was dark. oops.)

i think i would've enjoyed the show a bit more if we hadn't been stuck in the vinyl jazz section for an eternity. because, well, it's no fun to play "dead or no record deal" when most of the musicians in question are dead. (seriously, it was *flip the record* "he's dead" *flip* "dead" *flip* "who the hell is that guy? he must be dead or blowin' gold.")

moving on, after the show was s's dinner party. not only was she on the ball enough to have made a *scrumptious* dinner but she'd already carved her pumpkin!

i didn't get photos of the food because i was too busy eating it. and, well, come on, it's weird enough that i'm always taking photos of food in the first place. the menu, however, consisted of pork medallions in a tasty reduction, collard greens with navy beans, arugula salad with parmesan, walnuts and and pears and a vinegrette dressing and the most wonderful baked yams i've ever tasted!


it made me feel doubly guilty that i hadn't gotten my ass in gear enough to make cupcakes. yeah, i bought cookies.

i suck.

(although, in my defense, i claim exhaustion from the lingering cold.)

today might involve pumpkin carving. then again, i might just run over to the center and take photos of their dia de los muertos celebration. or i might watch "carnival of souls" for the millionth time. who can say for sure? today might blow gold. i don't know if i'd be happy about that or not.

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