Monday, October 23, 2006

sink holes, movies, the return of chompers not chompers

i'm not going to bother mentioning how i still have my cold except to add that, jesus, i'm getting so tired of not being able to do anything. least productive period EVER!

we now have a hole in our kitchen sink. the u shaped part of the plumbing has always been a bit rusty (we live in an older building) and yesterday when leff was replacing the garbage can he nudged the pipe. *gush* went some water. and now we have our sinkhole.

it's getting fixed today. (the management in our building is awesome.)

movies from yesterday? "halloween" and a remake of "the initiation of sarah". (not bad although the ending was hysterical!)(just fyi if you want some cheesy horror in your life, both versions of the movie are available for watching right now although i'm not sure how long they'll be online.)

once again, typing is wearing me out. plus "columbo" is on. here's a picture of chompers as the virgin mary.


Anonymous said...

Holy Chompers! That picture rocks.
Feel even better, you and your sink. :(

r4kk4 said...

hee hee! thanks, colleen! :D!

i'm feeling a lot better today, i think. i hope. haha! thanks you!