Sunday, October 08, 2006

demons, lego, plush you, harvest season

apologies for not posting yesterday. time just sorta' got away from me.

so what's new? well, i read all of come closer yesterday. i didn't mean to but it was the perfect day for reading a fun demon possession book. (yes, virginia, fun demon posession books do exist!)

also, nw brick con! it's still happening today if you want some awesome lego action in your life. here's a bit of what you'll see...

lego buns!

it'sa mario! and some invaders with botticeli for good measure. (sorry for the bad cameraphone image.)

a huuuge space table of which this photo only shows about 1/16th

there's a lot more at brick con but neither leff nor i have had time to upload all of our photos. you should go. you'll thank me later.

today is schmancy day. and you know that

sadly, we didn't make it to the plush you opening on friday night but the softies are still there so, yeah, i have a bazillion reasons to drop by schmancy today.

i also heart royale, as if i even had to mention it. i think i've failed to reference their current cupcake harvest that's going on (oops!) but i'm not going to let their new royal cupcake plushes pass by unremarked upon.

here is a bad photo of a polariod of the new royal plush "shopping for veggies".

if leff and i end up at the bay for the new jet li movie today, i'm *totally* getting a royal cupcake plush. and a cupcake. i woulda' gotten one of both yesterday but i needed coffee more than anything else.

but now i've got to run again. i need some popcorn.


Mads said...

Lego is cool. Have you seen the music video from The White Stripes? If not it's on my blog:

Follow the last link in the post...

r4kk4 said...

i LOVE that white stripes video, mads!! :D! thanks for linking to it so i can watch it again!