Tuesday, October 10, 2006

conjoined food, trader joe's

i love conjoined food. in fact, here are some really bad photos of connected food that i've eaten. (there's a lot of conjoined food in tennessee, i don't know exactly what that means.) yesterday, i ate my first dual potato from seattle.

yeah, not nearly as fully formed as the others but enjoyable nonetheless.

leff and i made the hike up queen anne hill to trader joe's last night. the hill is usually prohibitive to our being in upper queen anne (uqa) unless we take the bus so it was nice to find that we can now climb the hill without wanting to kill the person who suggested it in the first place. (my calves, they are huge from hiking, er, living in this city.)

obligatory kerry park shot from the top of the hill.

i love trader joe's but i haven't been to our local store in months. it took this article on super eggplant which mentioned MATCHA BAKING MIX to get my ass in gear.

here is the matcha baking mix.

i'll be making cupcakes with it with either cream cheese or mascarpone icing. if you live in seattle and want me to save you one, please let me know. and soon. because knowing myself and green tea flavored things? well, the cupcakes won't be around long. (*chomp* if you know what i'm sayin'.)

among the other things that we purchased at trader joe's was this tub of chocolate orange sticks.

those candies are perfection under plastic. dear....god...

i, uh, i have to go eat some more of those now.


jqln said...

i went to trader joe's for the first time in conneticut on a road trip to vermont last weekend... i had never been there before... their salt & pepper potato chips are pretty tasty... :)

r4kk4 said...

i've never lived this close to one before!

when i lived in baltimore, there was a trader joe's in one of the suburbs (i forget which one) but i never went because it was too far away.

their salt and pepper chips *are* tasty! yum! i really like their frozen pizzas too. and their unsalted butter is CHEAP!! (half the price of safeway.)

oh wait! i also like that blueberry soda they had earlier this year. i wonder if they still have it....