Wednesday, December 27, 2006

i acquire the last two rmpinkys and there are copious amounts of photos, dc xmas booty (no, not that kind of booty)

today's post starts with a "life lesson". namely this, if you force pac man to eat square pellets, he will cry.

there're also two photos of the re-ment bakery basket that i mentioned the other day. a slightly blurry macro of the juice boxes

and some buns plus basket.

leff made it back to seattle in one piece yesterday. HOORAY!! at the same time that he was shuttling back to the apartment, my ningyoushi order was wending its way through the streets in a usps van.

in that package?? MAYURRA!!!

(warning: what follows are waaay too many pictures of pinkys. so, unless you're shed, you might want to stop reading here.)

mayura is my favorite of the range murata pinkys. (it's the cat ears, her tongue sticking out and the wink that *slays* me.) here's her default "dim sum" outfit.

and two views of her alternative outfit.

look, mayura is awesome.

even her base circle insert is cool.

don't get me wrong though, kaine is pretty fantastic too.

the eyepatch? hell yes!

her second outfit is the "pumpkin pants" which means she also has the "dj bag".

i also love the angry emoticon on her base circle insert.

so, yeah, i have all three of the range murata pinkys now. and they make me very, very, very happy.

also in my ningyoushi order was a chibi gallery series three boxing robot! eeep!

but back to leff and his prison sentence, er i mean, holiday in d.c.. his father got him an ipod for xmas.

which means...*fanfare, trumpets, etc!!* THE SANDISK IS NOW MINE!!!

urm, i'm getting new headphones. maybe these.

leff's mom sent me a hksplosion for xmas!!

AND!! omg, this is just the most perfect thing EVAR!, AN UNLICENSED HELLO KITTY DOLL!! AAAAAAAH!!!

and here's a detail.

i almost died when i opened that. i mean, HOLY HELL!!

ok, i think that's enough pictures of toys and dolls today, don't you? i swear, i'm turning into one of those weird old women that collects dolls. it's a bit disconcerting. i mean, what's next? a decaying dining room with a moldy, musty cake a la miss havisham!? gah!!


Anonymous said...

WOW, what a gold mine-you must have been really good this year.

r4kk4 said...

thanks, zen!!

nah, it's probably because i'm mean. ;D

(i bought the pinkys and the robot for myself. heh heh.)

Irregular Shed said...

Your photos make me pleased!

And Leff can get Rockbox on his big fat iPod. Almost makes it worth going back east



r4kk4 said...


ooooooOOOooh! i'd forgotten about rockbox! (don't ask me how. prolly 'cause i didn't have an mp3 player until yesterday and the one that i have isn't an ipod.)

he agrees with your assessment of his trip, btw. ;D