Wednesday, December 13, 2006

another run of the mill tuesday

forget that i mentioned doing anything interesting yesterday--i never got around to it because all of that needlework got in the way.

it was sunny for a little while on monday. so that's something.

bookishly, i'm almost finished with inkheart. i've been reading it very slowly because i don't want it to end. (cornelia funke's other book, the thief lord, is currently in my "hold requests". here's hoping that it arrives before the holidays do.)

and that's it. i mean, i had to start another needlework project because i'm out of the thread that i need for my original one and i don't have time to get to the craft store. but i'm sure that's beyond boring so i won't elaborate.

today, i should be having lunch with j at gordito's. and then, if i have time, i might FINALLY see "marie antoinette". or i might try and track down a jelly roll pan in case i decide to make a modified bûche de noël.


Anonymous said...

I made Buche de Noel, once! Can't wait to see yours.

r4kk4 said...

i'll bet yours was gorgeous!

mine, eh. it won't be so much.