Monday, December 11, 2006

battle in seattle, cat show, gordito's redux

sunday. wow, it was made up of many parts that didn't necessarily fit together. but strange juxtapositions can be fun at times.

take, for example, exhibit a. the battle in seattle has been filming in vancouver, b.c. for the last little bit but the crew came down to seattle this weekend.

i was awake early enough so i thought, "why not take some location shots?" and so i did. but not before saying hello to calder's "eagle" at the soon to be sculpture park.

hello, calder's "eagle"!

there were two areas where filming was taking place on sunday. i chose the cedar ave location between third and fifth. there was some lounging around the set.

these two guys were really very nice! they didn't pepper spray me at all!

and here's a pano for you. whoo.

one last thing that i have to add about "battle in seattle"-- woody harrelson!! stop following me around!! i swear, man! when i moved to memphis the first time, you were there shooting "larry flynt". then i move to seattle and you shoot a movie here. for crying out loud! give a girl some room!

(for those of you not tuned into facetious remarks, i don't think woody harrelson is stalking me. thanks, the management.)

exhibit b in my patchwork of a day? a cat show!

i know, i know. cat shows are not at all hipster. they do not give you street cred. but i don't care because cat shows are weird and going to them is akin to reading someone's eighth grade diary. or something like that.

ok, so there was judging

and cage decoration and general weirdness. a, who tagged along with us, talked to someone for a loooong time about the differences in ragdoll cats. apparently, it's very particular what separates a show cat from a "housepet".

for me, the greatest part of the show was the purrfect pals booth. purrfect pals is a no kill, volunteer run cat sanctuary. while i was at the show, these adorable little kittens were available for adoption.

i'm not sure if they're still available or have gone on to new homes but if you're in the puget sound area and are looking for a cat or kitten, here's purrfect pals' adoption link.

ok, so exhibit c is gorditio's. it's a good thing that a and leff like to eat babies

(photo courtesy of leff)

because the burritos at gorditos resemble infants. at least size wise.

victor joined us at our table again.

in fact, he stuck around while i ate my chicken quesadilla.

he even witnessed a's chicken burrito (a's finger included for a bit of scale)

and the ingestion of leff's veggie burrito.

he was, however, absent when i took a photo of some bunnies.

nor was he to be found when the raccoons were around.

ah, well. i'm sure i'll see victor again soon.

as for today, i've not got much planned. maybe drawing? maybe obsessively cleaning in case padre does decide to fly out here on xmas day. (i hope that he waits until spring to fly over the continental divide, but that's another story for another time.)


Santos said...

speed reading your posts always yields interesting results. i thought you wrote "cats are weird and i'm going to skin them alive. or something like that." but then i really read "leff likes to eat babies" so you know, it all sorta makes sense.


r4kk4 said...


oddly enough, hearing me speak has the same results. ;D

leff does eat babies. he makes that exception to his vegetarianism. HAHAHAHAH!!

r4kk4 said...

oh yes, and GRANDpuppy!!!