Thursday, December 28, 2006

clothing can be fun, new needlework

since yesterday involved leff's getting re-acclimated to seattle (i.e.--he slept a lot) and i had to wait on the grocery shipments, most of the day was spent in the apartment.

ok, all of the day was spent in the apartment. i had to delete leff's music from my hand-me-down mp3 player and then reload it with good music. that takes time. also, i got my craft: shirt which i'd forgotten about. (it's from when i participated in the craft/etsy contest earlier this year.)

i love this shirt. do you know another way that clothing can be fun? when you wear a scarf like a hat just like leff in this photo.

his aunt (??) crocheted it for him. it's wool. is it a blend? i don't know for sure. sorry, crafters. but it's a really nice scarf regardless of what it's made of.

i started another needlework last night. i abandonned the other two that i was working on because 1) they were taking too long 2) i hated them but this new one is coming along swimmingly.

i can't show you the front yet since it's a present for someone.

today i'm kicking leff's ass out of bed and we're doing something. he has a $50 visa gift card that he needs to spend so that could be fun.

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