Sunday, December 17, 2006

pillowfight, winter solstice, ain't no party like s's dinner party/'cause s's dinner party don't stop

i don't know if you can believe this or not but yesterday was more than pomander balls. first off, i had to rid myself of that girl drink hangover (ungh!) and then there were the winter solstice activities at the center provided by spinergy arts.

however, before the official festivites could start, there was a pillowfight!

that was followed by a quick nap.

i heart you, pillowfighters!

there was also a gorgeous sunset that i disgraced with this blurry photo.

the solstice/"orbis" celebration started at dusk. cold, cold dusk. i'll just let the photos speak for themselves because i don't want to make erroneous interpretations. but i will say that it was cool (anything involving firespinning usually is!) and that i'll be back for the summer solstice parade!

after a quick stop back at casa rakkaleff to thaw out (i cannot believe that i'd uttered the words "i won't need my scarf!" earlier in the day.) and to pick up the old lady cupcakes, we were off to s's for her holiday open house!

a few shots of the decorations (because, i'm photo happy today.)

and part of the food. (the main buffet area photo didn't come out.)

see, don't those cucpakes look like old lady doilies?

every time i'm at s's i drink out of this mug.

it has cherry blossoms and is two different lovely shades of green. i'm in LOVE with this mug. (i know that you don't care. but i do.)

w made egg nog from scratch. his egg separation technique is unstoppable.

i, unfortunately, didn't try the nog because i'm coming down with a cold. but everyone else seemed to love it. and the phrase "it's like drinking a cloud!" was uttered several times.

and that's it for saturday. today leff and i might drop by the croc for rummage and then we might have gordito's for lunch. (6 more days until the uqa location closes!) i'll leave you with a bad shot of the needle decked in its xmaskwanzikah frock.

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