Friday, December 08, 2006

yet another cupcake, npr ornament contest, dyeing just a little bit more

i am *such* an addict. as you might recall, earlier this week leff and i had cupcakes for dinner. for some reason, i thought this might knock the need for sugar out of my system until at least next sunday. uuuuh, no. i had a cupcake for dinner again last night.

in my defense, it was too cute to not eat. (yes, i know. that wouldn't hold up in court.)

the only redeeming part about my diabetic diet as of late has been that i've been drinking a lot of milk to wash down the sweetness. so yeah, i'm getting some calcium.

moving on from my poor dietary habits, i've entered npr's holiday menorah, kinara or ornament contest. here's my crappy entry-- "madonna and child".

because, you know, there's really not a xmas story without a madonna and child. (note that i didn't specify which two.)

(you can click here if you want to give me some page views but it's really not neccesary.)(yes, it's a flickr photo. i've had to move back. if anyone knows of a good social networking site other than flickr, please let me know. thanks!)

i had my hair dyed again yesterday.

it's a bit more red this time than last. sadly, i didn't get to bring the plastic cap home. if i had, i would wear it while preparing meals to relive those salad days of mine in the food service industry. (har har! 'salad days"! what a pun!) ah, the jobs we'll take to save for tuition.

now it's time for breakfast. and, no, it won't be a cupcake. (but only because we don't have any in the apt.)


Lisa B said...

Oh just drink the kool-aid and stay at Flickr already!!

r4kk4 said...

kool-aid is for mac users. ;D

seriously though, there's GOT to be something better out there. somewhere.

none of the problems that i had with flickr when i left the first time have been fixed. it's irritating.