Monday, December 25, 2006

merry squidmas!

merry squidmas, everyone!

have some prepared squid!

let your cats feast on calamari!

the giant squid suggests, nay, DEMANDS it!

so yesterday i says to myself, i says "self, we should go check out that eugene parnell show that's up at zeitgeist!"

ooh, dears, it was worth it! i've always found myself strangely drawn to taxidermy and repulsed by it at the same time so this show was just incredible and incredibly creepy.

a brief aside: i was once given a small, poorly stuffed (suffed as in taxidermy, not stuffed as in plush) alligator by an elderly lady from florida. it was such a strange and ultra creepy gift for a ten year old. i kept trying to hide it in other places around the house so i wouldn't have to look at it but my mother would always find it and return it to my closet and not tell me about it. so i would open my closet door to get dressed in the morning and there would be this alligator with its beady, glass eyes and tiny protruding teeth just leering at me and i would scream.

anyway, back to the coffee shop for a moment. there's also this diorama of undersea monsters off in the corner at zeitgeist. i'm not sure if it's part of the parnell show but OMG! dioramas and me go waaay back! we are *so* bff! the monsters in the case are "conglomerates", you know, pieces parts of different animals fused into one. i'll have to go back and take a stealth photo for you 'cause it blew me away.

okok, so, coffee in hand, i walked through a smattering of seahawks fans on my way to uwajimaya. well, i had to get myself some presents for squidmas, didn't i?

it's pocky time, children! in the traditional squidmas colors of pink and green. or maybe i just happen to prefer strawberry and matcha pocky. which of those statements is true? hmm...

i picked up some black black gum for me and my otama.

and this happy cat whose name has escaped me at the moment.

i ALSO bought a tiny re-ment picnic basket full of itsy-bitsy pastries and buns and juice boxes and WORKING TONGS!! EEEEEEEEE!!! but i don't have a photo of it yet because the macro on the glaucoma cam doesn't work. soon, kittens, soon i'll post a photo. because tiny plastic food is too cute to not share.

and that brings us to the squidmas movies that i'll be watching so i don't have to endure that holiday crap that's being vomited on the tv today.

(erm...those are my backup copies...heh heh...)

i say that about holiday vomit and yet, i'll watch the yule log on mute. because it's an oddly mesmerizing thing, the televised yule log.

anyway, merry squidmas to those of you that celebrate it and happy holidays to everyone else from me and my pocari sweat!


Anonymous said...

a late but merry squidmas to you!

r4kk4 said...

it's never to late for squidmas wishes!

happy squidmans to you too, pip!!