Sunday, December 10, 2006

gordito's and grandpuppy

ever since j sent this photo

of pedro plus food with the accompanying message of "gordito's is closing!!", i've been obsessing over how to maximize my "healthy mexican food" consumption.

the answer to this quandry seems to be "eat there as much as possible" (i mean, duh!) which meant, of course, that leff and i had lunch there yesterday.

on our way up the hill, we met a cute little puppy.

i love his tiny coat! the lady that was walking him told me his name, but i've sadly forgotten it. i DO remember that the puppy isn't hers and that he only visits a few weekends a month. he is, in fact, her "grandpuppy" (her word, not mine), which is too adorable for words.

at gordito's, one of the socket wenches took our order! (she's just made the team this year! eeep! it was exciting and we talked way too long about roller derby. (at least, the guy in line behind us thought we'd talked too long about roller derby. i could have talked for hours, but that's another story.)

our chips, salsa and victor were waiting for us (service has always been fast at gordito's.) which was wonderful since i was starving.

i didn't eat victor. i know it kinda' looks like it did, but i promise that i only ate some chips. oh, and these delicious, blurry fish tacos.

and some of leff's blurry nachos.

i am in love with the fish tacos at gordito's. they taste what with all the lime and cilantro. filling and refreshing.

amazingly, i didn't have a cupcake after lunch but we did swing by 7-11 for drinks. leff had a strawberrwii banana slurpee.

the hurts!

we're going back to gordito's today for lunch. probably with j and a in tow. and i'm TOTALLY getting a better photo of these plush deer

if it kills me!

and then i'll probably eat a cupcake. (sigh...i'm pathetic.)


Lisa B said...


r4kk4 said...


Santos said...

grandpuppy! and why o why does a place named after a little fatty have to close??? i mean, obvs you and leff like the food--are you really in the minority?

r4kk4 said...

grandpuppy!!! :D!

i have no idea why gordito's is closing. they have a few other locations around town (it's a local chain) but the queen anne one wasn't getting enough traffic. which is INSANE because when we first got there, we had to wait in line. like, out the door kind of lines.

and three people can eat for $25 which is UNHEARD of in seattle. (well, ok, not really. but it's difficult to do.)

my theory? the rent's too steep at that location. it's a pretty prime spot in a pricy neighborhood.

it's a shame all around. i know several people that eat at that location. :(

r4kk4 said...

er, when i said "when we first got there" i meant "when it first opened". it's still early here and i haven't had coffee yet.

Santos said...

grandPUPPY! maybe if they allowed pets....

r4kk4 said...


oh noes! if they allowed pets, peel would want to go! i'd never hear the end of it!

"meow meow meow! i want to go to gordito's! meow meow meow! i eat babies!"