Saturday, December 23, 2006

pants knifes me, crystal is awesome, i heart shed, katty kat sends a package, last meal at uqa gordito's, armwarmers

here's your warning: i have a lot of crappy photos today. and nothing is really related, as usual.

now, let's begin.

yesterday started with an incredible song recommendation from pants. she'd found christmas reindeer by the knife on itunes and thought that i might like it. well, she's right. in fact, i LOVE it! and it's free for a while, so go download it, sucka! (also, THANK YOU, pants!!)

crystl continued the decemberween festivities yesterday by making not only this AWESOME strongbad ornament

(original here)

but also this AMAZING strongbad cookie!

(original here)

i mean, WOW!!! crystl is T EH ROCK!! in fact, she's SO t eh rock that i'm not even finished writing about her! oh noooooes! yesterday, i checked my mail and what's this? an envelope from illinois! i quickly opened it and lookit!

a card...with a tiny silver package! ok, so that's when i started to get all giddy 'cause i mean, IT'S A TINY PRESENT!! but first things first. so i opened the card and EEEEEEP!!

IT'S A GLITTERY DEER CARD!! i almost fainted dead away right there but i held it together for the sake of the tiny present. ok, are you ready??

IT'S A TINY GLASS DEER!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! thankfully, all of my neighbors are gone for the holidays, otherwise they probably would've called the cops since i shrieked so loudly!! (THANK YOU, crystl!! EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!! just between us, i've carried the tiny deer around with me since yesterday. hee hee!)

while we're on the subject of deer, check out the card that shed sent!!

EEEEEP! it's a shiny, blue deer card!! THANK YOU, shed!!

okok, so now for katty kat's present. or should i say presents. a big ole box arrived from memphis and it contained...


three of my favorite things in one...1) nuns 2) booze 3) magnets!

the cutest bottle EVAR!

and the most adorable stuffed black cat!!

(i've since made the cat a knit hat and a scarf. yeah, i'm nuts.)

not pictured in the most awesome of awesome packages? five pairs of cat socks (which sounds weird, but i'm kind of a sock freak. so now you know.), a model of obi wan's space ship from episode iii (?) (it's an inside joke that started with an obi wan doll many years ago. don't ask. it's really funny but don't ask.) and some cuuute stickers! i mean, TRIPLE EEEEEEEEP all around!!!!!

i heart the kat! *kisses to memphis!*

so, yes, it was a busy mail day but it was also one of the last days that the upper queen anne gordito's was open. j swung by for lunch and i gave him his cupcakes wrapped in plastic and with a bow on top.

(a secret? i suck at wrapping.)

anyway, gordito's.

i was so sad that the picture that i took of the burros was all blurry.

(er, no. that was just because i used the glaucoma cam that refuses to focus. sigh...)

our last order? a chicken quesadilla for me and a half order of nachos for j.

luther even tagged along. although, i should've left him at home 'cause he's a chip hog.

j ate the cheesiest chip in the world.

and i took manuel home!

(i asked if i could have him. don't go thinking that i stole the little guy.)

so goodbye, gordito's in upper queen anne! you will be missed!

now what would i do at the end of a day like this, you might ask yourself. (er, if you were mind numbingly bored.) why, i'd read the thief lord and then make armwarmers out of a pair of old socks

that's what i'd do.

today though, i'm not sure about. i think i'll either go to ballard or the international district. (which, when you think about it, is really where i spend most of my spare time anyway.)


josephpeter said...

you slut! taking manuel home when leff is out of town!

r4kk4 said...

i know! i'm so embarrassed! *shamed*

well, you know what the say, a change is as good as a rest. aaaaaah wink!