Wednesday, January 10, 2007

some embroidery and five things you didn't know

despite the doom and gloom clouds outside this morning, it's nice and bright inside.

i've been doing so much less than normal that i could probably claim that i've joined the slow life movement. (i kid, slow life practitioners. you have some good ideas, i just don't have the time right now. hee hee.)

ok, so i say that i haven't been doing anything but i've finished this needlework for the kat. finally.

that needs to be ironed so badly.

and i've been watching black books a lot. and walking and walking and walking to shake off the nerves. so, yeah, i've been doing things but i haven't been very productive.

ah well, there are much worse things in life than not being especially productive.

anywho, sir pips a lot (who is 27 today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PIP!!!) tagged me with this five things meme. which is a list of five things that you probably don't know about me. so er, here they are.

1) i came in twelth place in the national french exam but i remember so little of the language that it's as if i never studied it in the first place.

2) i once had a job painting a mural for the adult section of a video rental. i painted palm trees and the slogan "for educational purposes only" on the wall. (in tn, you can only rent porn "for educational purposes". seriously, tennesseans, read the video rental contract the next time you have to sign one.)

3) i'm related to will rogers.

4) when i speak, i can't differentiate between the words "ten" and "tin", "pen" and "pin", "den" and "din", etc. (it's a verbal tic specific to the region where i grew up.) so when i need a pen, i ask for a "writing implement", "ten" is "you know, one more than nine.", "tin" is often referred to as "that metal? you know, the one that starts with "t"...what's it called? no, not titanium.". you can see where this is going.

5) i used to show horses all western styley. (i almost look like will rogers in that picture! haha!)

so which five people do i tag? hmmm....i think i'll burden pants, groc, burnt, wp and a.

and now to wait for the snow to arrive in seatac. i really want to make a hello kitty snowman and the weather hasn't cooperated with me yet.


Lisa B said...

Oh my god, you're adorable in that picture!!

I don't know if I can think of five things about myself, period, let alone ones that no one knows ... I'll give it a stab, though. Probably not today--I'm a big procrastinator. But I bet you already knew that, didn't you?

Anonymous said...



but... but... but...

Irregular Shed said...

Black Books - I take it that means I don't need to send the copies I made for you 18 months ago and never got into the post =)

And that horse photo - hello? Major chesticles on Dobbin!

r4kk4 said...

aw, thanks, pants! *blushing!*

i'm sure there are five things that people don't know about you. you're an interesting person!

regardless, take your time. it is, after all, just another pointless meme.

oh, grocster! i only tagged you because i love you! but, you know, if you don't have time, it's not a big deal. :D!

hahaah! yeah, it's ok, shed! thanks though! we were finally able to get copies of the first two series. i really can't wait until the next one come out!

hahah! yeah, frecas was a muscle bound horse. he was a
">quarter horse
(which is an american breed so you might not be familiar) and then tend to be quite stocky and muscley. they were used for cattle drives and such. and they're also the fastest horse at a quarter mile. (yes, ever faster than thoroughbreds.

r4kk4 said...

wow, i really fucked up that quarter horse link. erm, here it is.

and now i need to get some coffee.

Anonymous said...

wow, those are 5 totally great things! I love your horse photo, and I hear Will Rogers is someone who was famous in them thar colonies! so that's good too! and I *love* your mural painting!

oh, and thanks!

r4kk4 said...

aw, thanks!

yeah, the mural painting is one of my favorite things that i've done. it's not on my cv, but it's something to say at parties if things are starting to drag. ;D

nobody really knows anything about will rogers anymore except for ths institute.

you're welcome, old man! HAHAH!!