Sunday, January 14, 2007

a pacsci saturday

i know it's corny but i heart the pacific science center. leff and i became members as a money saving measure when the game on exhibit was on display late last year. since then the membership's come in handy on several occasions in that i like to hang out with the dinos and leff loves their annual model railroad show (which started yesterday).

normally, saturdays are hell at pacsci because of all the children with their beaten down parents in tow. not so yesterday! it was too cold for a family outing. so cold, in fact, that the triceratops in the fountain was making a break for it on a newly formed land bridge!

i didn't find this year's train show to be as impressive as last year's. my guess is that less space was available to exhibitors due to a large part of the display area being devoted to storage for the grossology show. that's not to say that there wasn't some cool train stuff though. i really liked this diorama!

(i have a thing for dioramas. you'll see more in just a moment.)

some lego!

and a waterfall

with plastic, floating dead people!

my favorite mini scene was, of course, deer related.

after the trains, it was dino time! this is really what i was waiting on. (look, life is more enjoyable with animatronic dinos. that's all i'm saying.)

guess what! dioramas!!

and dino mug shots!!

dinosaurs get very thirsty from being on display all day. it's kind to share a drink with them.

the apatosaur particularly enjoys diet dr. pepper.

i did a bit of hand modeling yesterday as well.

for those not in the know, this is not only the "rock hand/devil horns/asl "i love you" sign" but also the triceratops unity sign.

and here is "i have blurry trex claws!" in motion.

after a short visit to the outdoor rocktopus

we headed home. (i really should make a hat for the rocktopus. it's cold out there!)

today the seahawks are playing das foosball

(that's the 12th man flag in case you were wondering.)

so lots of places in town will be blissfully empty of people! hopefully, leff and i'll take advantage of this and not just nap the whole day away.


Anonymous said...

wow! super mega grande awesomeness.

Anonymous said...

That Lego train display is bloody great!

r4kk4 said...

it was a lot of fun!!

if you ever make it to seattle, i'll get you and kev in on visitor passes! (we're going to renew membership when ours lapses.)

i agree about the lego train, shed!! i think it was my favorite display. (and, judging from the crowds that aren't in that photo, i was popular with everyone else as well!)