Wednesday, February 21, 2007

the shins and insomnia, these things are compatible

what keeps me awake at night? the correct answer would probably be "that nap that i took at 7:30" but it's funnier to say "obsessing over why netflix doesn't have "lovejoy"."

and, no, netflix. "love's abiding joy" is *not* an acceptable substitute. sheesh!

i mean, pip understands this even if netflix doesn't. he is, after all, part of tinker's posse.

(original here)

while i'm talking about my brit geek crew, i need to thank shed for sending the link to radio free shed which is, in fact, keeping me company as i type. thanks, shedhead!

so what band goes well with insomnia? yes, the shins. (although i would have accepted whatever answer you gave because i grade on a curve.) (what?!?)

said shins have played several sold out shows at the paramount this week. they also played a free instore at easy street yesterday at noon. as you can imagine, it was pretty crowded.

i got there really late (11:54?) so, of course, i was in the back. but it was still a good show even if my photo turned out all blurry and far away.

optical zoom is a bitch without a tripod, i'm telling you.

and that was tuesday. i did not pass go nor collect $200. today will probably be spent photoshopping and doing other assorted things that i can't tell you about until friday. sorry, but them's the brakes.


Santos said...

how is it that netflix has every crap straight to dvd britfilm (basically the entire catalog of billie piper that's not dr. who, anything requiring jennifer love hewitt to speak in an "english" accent), but only a few of the decent british tv series?

r4kk4 said...

because they hate us. :(

they have "black books" now though! i was really happy about that!

oh! and they got the first season of "jonathan creek"!

but i've watched all of those and, dammit!, i want "lovejoy"!!

Santos said...

have you watched "extras" from ricky gervais? lalaloveit.

Santos said...

also, really want to see this!

r4kk4 said...

i haven't seen extras yet. :( but i'll track it down now! ricky gervais is AWESOME!!

and, OMG!!! big breadwinnner hog?!?? HOLY HELL that looks AMAZING!!!!