Friday, February 02, 2007

bon jovi jokes never get old, a garland for your sweetheart, deathcake royale!

valentine's day is t minus 12 and counting and i've got some more bad heart puns for you today. (an ed note: i don't do valentine's in rl. i just like to look at all the pink things in stores and think "aaaah! winter's almost over!")

bon jovi never fails me. seriously, your love? it's like bad medicine.

that could alternately be a photo of heart medication.

and for those of you not into 80's hair rock, here's a sweetheart garland made of splenda packets.

i'll probably end up with some sort of cancer as a side effect from making that wreath. i don't care though because splenda is de-fucking-awesome!

yesterday leff emailed me these five words: "i got you a present." naturally, i spent the rest of the working day wondering what the hell it was.

let me just warn you that these upcoming photos are going to put you in a diabetic coma.

leff got me a deathcake!!!

what's a deathcake? well, it's from royale, only available until the 14th of this month and to quote from the label, it contains "theo's organically grown madagascar and venezuelan chocolates, stumptown's superbold sumatra beans and a chocolaty cupcake love so intense, it is rumored to be illegal in delaware."

got all that? it basically means that the deathcake is gonna' rock your world!

seriously, LOOK at all of this chocolate!

there's only the tiniest layer of cake at the very bottom. the rest is delicious, rich, fudgy "icing".

it's honestly too rich for one person unless it's eaten over a period of four days. (yes, four days. i used a scientific method that i'm unwilling to divulge to arrive at that number.) but for two people, saaaay like, oh, me and leff? it's just perfect. if by perfect i mean "almost too much and probably would have been even better consumed over a period of two days."

and i think that i do mean that.

anyway, i really do heart the deathcake. it's luscious, dark and deadly. really, you could hurt someone if you threw one at them. it weighs, like, two pounds!

one last thing before i go, seattle metblogs has been kind enough to nominate me in the "people play-in (every person that you know... they're known as nouns)" category of their "blarch badness!" competition. if you like clicking on links, typing in comments sections and are bored, maybe you'd like to follow the pink words up there to the metblogs site and give me a vote? if you don't, i won't be upset. but if you do, thanks, you're a total sweetie! oh, and thanks to metblogs!

right, it's friday. that means, uh, what does it mean? the deathcake, she is still prominently located in my frontal lobe. oh yeah! friday means a bit more work and then the trucks in store at the qa easy street at 6 pm.

are you reading this, j? 'cause we need to see the trucks. then we can have soup. heh heh.

see you saturday, nuggets!


josephpeter said...

but there is a game at the key today... i hate lqa.

maybe i'll go home and bus over. this way i can get wasted...

... wasted on soup!

r4kk4 said...


i can't wait until the sonics get a new damn stadium and move out of my neighborhood!!

dude, you're gonna' get SO wasted! we have, like, a ton of soup!

Anonymous said...

How do I vote for you? I clicked the link but I'm stupid ... unless I'm correct in thinking that the voting is on Feb. 5 only? Which means I'll be in Belize ... dang ...


r4kk4 said...

oh, see, I'M the stupid one!

i didn't realize that voting was on the 5th only. duh!!

i'd rather that you would be taking a trip to belize than voting for me anyway!! :D! i can't wait to see those photos!