Wednesday, February 21, 2007

scooby science video

here's the link to the scooby science video that we made last saturday. you know, the one based on the theory that one can cobble together straws and use them to drink out of other people's glasses while they're drinking out of their own? kinda' like this?

yeah, it doesn't work and the video is short and really silly. sorry it took so long to post it.


leff said...

Yeah. It took so long because I kept insisting that I was going to add an excerpt from the actual episode of scooby doo.

But, the only tools I had where the ones that come with windows. So it, um, didn't work. Stupid windows movie maker.

r4kk4 said...

aw, it's ok, leffstar! it would've been really funny if you'd gotten it to work! :D!

i know that we have a copy of premier around here somewhere. i just don't think that the jigen box can handle it. didn't we try it before and things kept crashing?

leff said...

It did crash, but not nearly as much as windows movie maker. That crashes every time you try to put clip #3 on the timeline.

Anonymous said...

you two poppets, makes me laugh and laugh.

; )

r4kk4 said...

i think that we need another computer. a BETTER computer. one that can handle simple tasks more efficiently.

jigen can do server duty. ;D

oh, and we need two laptops. and another digital camera. and a gps device so i can go geocaching. STAT!

heh heh.

well, we are extremely goofy, burnt. hahaha!! (i'm glad that we make you laugh! :D!)