Saturday, February 17, 2007

ice cream, miho hatori, kinko's redux, sushi

i want to wrap friday up into a teeny, tiny, shiny box and put it on the shelf. not only did i remember the html for making text size larger (i never use it so it's filed away in the dusty parts of my brain) after having just woken up from a delicious nap BUT j got me ice cream and soda (not pictured) at mcdonald's

have you ever walked around with ice cream and soda? you should. you'll feel like you got a pony for christmas. or like it's free kitten day. with bright yellow balloons.

plus, if j gets the ice cream, he'll ask the guy behind the counter if he has any nuts...for a sundae. and, yay verily, it shall be quite hysterical.

another reason for wanting to hug friday was the miho hatori in store at easy street!

i triple heart miho hatori! i've always loved cibo matto so i was excited about her being in seattle. guess what? her solo stuff is wonderful! (like that's surprising!)

the best part of easy street in stores, other than the music, is watching j browse through every. single. used. cd. in his quest for sets of threes.

in other words, j can't buy cds one at a time. he buys them in threes. and he flips through all of them individually. this amuses me to no end.

after easy street, j and i stopped by kinko's where he worked some more on the whprwhil comp and i photodocumented. because that's what i do.

oops! the original's on the wrong side. (that was my fault.)

and, as if yesterday couldn't get any better, leff called and said that he and a were on the way to queen anne. did we want to meet them at sam's? do i want sushi? YES!!!

i didn't drink though. i'm not drinking until may. (*wink*)

but i did have a queen anne roll and california maki

which i traded part of for a roll with eel and a crunchy roll. mmmmmmm!! so good!

the icing on my cake of a friday? later that night, a sang his cowboy song. i love that song.

ok, time to end this post. i have to go buy some sugar cereal because today is saturday morning cartoon day! i have the first "count duckula" disc and "rocky and bullwinkle" and "scooby doo, where are you?" are arriving from netflix today.

plus, i'm building a fort. yippee!!


Groc said...

that's some hardcore kidulting about right there

r4kk4 said...

you know that i can't half ass that sort of thing. ;D