Thursday, February 15, 2007

two more heart photos, green lake, ballard

i hope no one's suffering from a love hangover (*groan!* that's bad!) this morning because i have two more heart photos left to post. one's kind of anatomical in that it shows the way that unoxygenated blood flows back to the heart. (i even used a blue arrow!)

and the other is just shiny.

yesterday morning d was in lqa. "are you awake? because i'm across the street." the text message read. of course i was awake. "would i like coffee?" of course i would! and so off to ladro we went!

isn't d's mocha pretty?

two guys dressed as uncle sams wished us a happy valentine's day. i never knew that ole sam was such a sweetie.

d needed to do some valentine shopping for her bf so i tagged along. by the very fact of my being in the car, we got semi lost over in the carkeek-ish area

seriously, why do i always get lost around carkeek?

anyway, vday shopping. for d's bf this meant a stop at gary's game and hobbies. gary's has the "i destroy tokyo" shirt that i *so* want someone else to wear so i can giggle at it every time i see it. any volunteers?

d thought that a trip to mcphee's was in order since we were so close to ballard. on our way there, we passed the statue of liberty drinking some coffee.

mcphee's has undergone some cosmetic changes since i was last there. (the small toys that i like to put on cupcakes are now located in more archie mcphee across the parking lot.) it was confusing and gave me tennis elbow.

damn, that was a bad pun!

and that, chicken tenders, was wednesday. it was short because i had a migraine and had to lay around with my head under several pillows trying not to vomit for most of the afternoon.

today though i'm on the prowl for old cookbooks! (the grosser the better!) and then i might be making a screen. i think? all i know is that i heard a rumor about an exposing unit and thursday afternoon. which is *much* better than the light bulb method i've had to resort to since losing access to "ol' sunny". (ol' sunny being my nickname for the exposing unit in umemphis' printmaking department.)

and with that, i'll let you go so i can dig up some photo emulsion. bye!

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