Saturday, February 03, 2007

me = fish when it comes to booze

i can sum up friday in four words: too much to drink. another four words about yesterday especially for a: sorry i fell asleep.

look, i was kind of productive earlier in the day. i whipped out this lovebird needlework pretty quickly.

but then j came over and, well, i started drinking. and then we went to mecca where i drank some more...

did you know that they have half babies?

amazingly, i didn't drink at the trucks show, er, i mean, the trucks' av guy's show.

man, but he was irritating.

and i was imbibing nothing when i took this blurry photo of a chainsaw wielding skeleton.

buuut, when i got home, hells yes i drank some more. and then i boozed it up again when a, leff and i went to mcmenamins. ah, yes! i deserve a gold medal in the drinking category! ding ding ding! best place for me!

seriously, i'm so awesome that i fell asleep at around 8 o'clock while a was still here. i *so* suck. i really am sorry, a!

anyway, it's time for some breakfast and non alcoholic activities. um, and maybe some more ibuprofen. yeah, that would be good.


Aaron said...

No need to apologize =)

r4kk4 said...

too late! i already have!


*victory dance!*