Thursday, February 08, 2007

reading, sprouting, drinking, filming (it's almost like the awful theme song to "the l word"!)

yesterday i took my own advice and did nothing at all but read.

i finished you shall know our velocity and stupid and contagious (which, just to set the record straight, was not about j but did involve someone with his own record label so it was kinda' coincidental in that regard. oh, uh, link to j's whprwhil myspace page.)

my soybean seed started sprouting yesterday.

that's one scary looking seed! for some reason i thought that soybeans seeds were smaller. oh well, despite its creepiness, it should only be another few days before my new tiny plant wishes me "congratulations". can't wait for that.

leff and my throats were still itchy last night so we decided to have soda floats. ok, i decided to have soda floats. leff just came with to get out of the apt where we've been quarantined for days.

leff had never had an orange float before. if you haven't either, they're like an orange creamsicle in a glass.

mmmm, tastes like sixth grade!

we also had root beer floats which, surprisingly, leff has never really liked.

i can't believe that i'm living with someone who is apathetic about root beer floats, but there we are.

in other news, fantagraphics is having a "love and rockets" 25th anniversary blowout this weekend. first off, it's the 25th anniversary of "love and rockets"?!? i'm so old. secondly, i'm really going to try and be there for the festivities. sun 1-3 is the panel discussion and book signing which may be my best bet.

in other other news, faythe levine and micaela o’herlihy have been shooting a documentary about the indie craft movement called, appropriately enough, "indie craft documentary". it sounds great but the *really* awesome thing about it is that some funding for the film has come from donations sold through their etsy shop! how awesome!

so, you know, go buy something if you're so inclined. (i have my eye on the tshirt.) and definitely check out the movie when it comes out. i know that i will be.

i've *really* got to get out of the house today so i need to end this now. ta!


Santos said...

wow. why no love for the rootbeer float?

r4kk4 said...

i don't know. i'm having a hard time understanding this myself!

i just asked leff why he doesn't like root beer floats and his response was "uh uhuh." you know, like "i don't know" only mummbly.

it's bizarre, i tells ya!

jqln said...

that soybean sprout IS pretty disturbing. it has its own helmet!

r4kk4 said...

hahaha!! that's the part that freaks me out the most, jqln! you hit the nail on the head! haha!

Indie Craft Documentary said...

Thanks for the shout out!!! Our etsy shop has been the most consistant funding over the past year and we hope it will continue to help us in post-production.


r4kk4 said...

oh, you're most definitely welcome! i'm not only looking forward to the film, but i also love that you followed through on concept by funding it through indie crafting! brilliant!!