Monday, February 05, 2007

a bonus monday post because i'm about to become very ill

wonderful. i've caught leff's cold. and, if the way that i feel now and the way that he's been zombified all day are any indication, i have about two more hours before i'm d.o.a.ish.

so let's just get tuesday's post out of the way now, shall we?

two esty orders arrived today. the mincing mockingbird's "a bird cage?" magnet

and a strawberry jam sakura print from bird nerd.

birds are cool. esp when they sound like these crows or this little sparrow guy.

also in the mail was a WONDERFUL package from chotda!! it contained GOTHIC LOLITA CANDY!! AAAAH!!

here's a detail.

seriously awesome!! in case you're curious, those taste like peachy flowers. weird but delicious!!!

also included in the package was A HELLO KITTY BLITZ OF AMAZINGNESS!!!

hk chopsticks and tissues!! AAAH!! i heart you so much, chotda!!! thank you a billion times over!!

damn, my throat is getting itchier by the minute and i feel like absolute crap. so i guess i'll be sleeping for the next few days. maybe i'll be back on wed? i dunno' for sure. just, you know, if you're a local, STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM ME AND LEFF because this thing is really contagious.


Aine said...

Hope you feel better soon! Here in WI, we're hiding from the subzero temps. And wearing PJs.

Also, I had to tell you that The Mincing Mockingbird is someone I know IRL ... small world!

josephpeter said...

bad movies... that is what will make you two feel better. also, when you feel like leaving your place again... pho.. you will need pho. that stuff works wonders.

Santos said...

yay! i'm glad you got them. i think if you strip away all the cool packaging, then it would just be old lady candy.

ps--ignore the photo of me on martin's blog, that's four nights of hard partying and no sleep. monster! the robot will pay for such treachery!!!!!

Santos said...

ps--feel better soon!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, aine!! i hope it warms up there soon!!

and OMG!!!! i had no idea that you knew the mockingbird!! did he also do something for the human pixel project? i seem to remember one of the birds being a tile...

matlock also makes me feel better, joe. but you're right about the bad movies. i wonder what's on today...

i think i might be up to leaving the house tomorrow. so i might get pho then. wanna go?

THANK YOU, CHOTDA!!!! i LOVE that candy! (does it make me an old lady? ;D)

haha!!! i thought that you looked very lovely for having partied so much!!! :D!

but i'll ignore the photo if you say to. ;D i'd posted that comment on flickr the day before he'd posted the image and had only referred to you in text. you can delete my comment if you don't want anyone trying to google martin's blog. (i know you like to keep a low profile personal image wise. (i'm the same way.) (although you shouldn't, cutie!! :D!!!)

r4kk4 said...

oh, and thanks! :D!

Santos said...

believe me, for 18 hours of the day, i look waaaaay better than that.

hm. we both like flowery weird hard candies, craft things with yarn, collect knickknacks. yes, we are both old ladies.

r4kk4 said...

oh, i believe you! :D! but i still maintain that you're cute regardless. so :p!

hee hee!

you know, when you phrase it like that, we sound like we're 70. HAHAHAH!