Sunday, February 25, 2007

west seattle garage sale, stellar

yesterday j, j and s were having a garage sale in west seattle.

sadly, it was a really crappy day for that sort of thing since winter had decided to hang around for a little while longer. not only was it cold but it was gloomy and rainy.

so, you know, turnout was low. this basically meant that leff, other s, j and i drank mimosas and rainier while j pulled some prints.

leff and i picked up a rug, another vacuum, sets of both the narnia and lord of the rings books (i collect narnia, leff collects lotr.), a couple of bust magazines and a cat tent (i'll post a photo of that in a minute.) because, come on, can i ever leave a garage sale without something?

you know what goes well with a champagne hangover, don't you? pizza. j, s, leff and i met up with w and his friend at stellar which, omg, was delicious.

they have a johnny cash/keith richards mashup painting,

cool booths

and a nice neon s.

i wish that they delivered because there's a pesto turkey sandwich on their menu that i want to eat.

so, yeah, that was saturday. oddly exhausting (which was probably due to the booze) but really awesome because now i have this photo.

i love my cat tent.


Santos said...

um, how much do garage sale cat tents go for these days? because whatever you paid, it was worth it.

r4kk4 said...

only a dollar!!!!

but s cut us a deal. she's so sweet! :D!

josephpeter said...

i sold my camera $200 bucks. i'm happy i don't have to move that again.

r4kk4 said...

oh, hey!! that's awesome!!!

what day are you moving anyway?