Sunday, March 04, 2007

nothing but bunnies and candy

saturday was almost perfect! it was one of those dozy days that leff and i spent the majority of napping.

and then? when we woke up? we went shopping for easter treats! ok, i went shopping for easter treats. like this stuffed chocolate bunny!

i mean, how perfect is that? all of the enjoyment of the perennial easter candy with none of the calories! (the attention to detail is great too--it only has the one eye! haha!)

i also picked up some cocoa peeps.

a detail, if you will.

they smell like fake chocolate when you open the package. they also somehow manage to avoid the typical peep squidginess. so, hell yes, i'll buy another package after i finish that one.

but i don't think i'll get any more of these guys.

don't think that i forgot to pick up some assorted flavors of chocolate eggs. because they found their way into my basket.

that would be strawberry creme and peanut butter. mmmm!

and, of course, i got another cadbury egg.

i mean, how could i not? esp since i was trying to get enough candy to last me until, oooooh, monday? heh heh.

today leff and i are going wii hunting. i would tell you where, but, um, i don't want to lessen our odds of acquiring one. sorry. wish us luck?


Phil Wilson said...

Good luck in finding a wii, rakkatron!

r4kk4 said...

thanks, pippalotta!

unfortunately, we didn't get one. le sigh...