Tuesday, March 20, 2007

coffee, a comp, mayonnaise and a few movies

you surely know about the r2d2 usps boxes being spotted around the country, right? there are about 400 of them nationwide. yesterday morning i halfassed looking for one when i was mailing my student loan payment. i can report this: the seattle center r2d2 box isn't at the queen anne p.o. but my coffee was.

i did see some really nice pink flowers though complete with that awesome shade of green leaf that is specific to only spring time.

later that day, clouseau and i listened to the new whprwhil comp.

he likes it. he just doesn't like wearing it. (j, will there be a link to purchase these? just wondering.)

"miss potter" was showing at uptown.

since it's an ewan mcgregor movie, i had to see it. the movie itself is adorable, ewan has a period 'stache and i saw the film with the best audience possible--a group of older ladies that liked to cry and cheer. really, it makes the whole movie when you hear a fiftyish lady say "go get him, girl!" back to the screen. hee hee!

later that night, leff and i had dinner at mcmenamins.

that's the side salad with marinated onions and a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. mmmmm! delish!

and i turned this:

into mayonnaise using this recipe.

fun and loud since i used the blender method.

i also watched "the goonies"

since leff and i are going to astoria next week!! EEEEEP!!! i can't wait to say that "down here it's our time, it's our time down here." once we get there.

and so ends a rather average monday. today is grocery day. i also might attempt to look for that r2d2 box again if it's not raining.


Santos said...

that photo of clouseau is begging for a "i'm in ur..." caption! but i can't think of one.

i would've loved to have seen "miss potter" in that theater! but that is a creepy photo of ms. zellweger. she looks like pippi longstocking.

r4kk4 said...


i think he would like an ur caption. he's that kind of cat! ;D!

wow! i'm glad it's not just me that thinks the photo is wrong! it's so odd! and i can't really put my finger on what it is that creeps me out.

Santos said...

it's like someone in the ad department thought it was a *harry* potter film and thought, "whoa, hermione's looking rough" and did a massive photoshop number on her.

hey, free coffee!

r4kk4 said...

HAHAHAHAHA!!!! that's it!! :D!! brilliant!

damn. i don't think we have a dunkin' donuts. :(