Wednesday, March 21, 2007


claire crespo and company's wonderful bakery is open for business THIS SATURDAY on carnation avenue in silver lake! the sale starts at 10 am and runs until they're out of goodies!!

would any of you socal folks like to wake up relatively early, buy a baked good or two and pleeeease take some photos? PLEEEASE?? i'll be your bff!!

many thanks in advance!!


Santos said...

i'd totally do it if i was there :( this totally makes me want to set up a treat street of my own, but my neighbours are a little crazy/sluttish/alcoholic. i'd have to pour shots on everything if i want them to buy treats!

did you googlemap the street yet? you can make your own virtual bakery with the satellite photo and some cupcake stickers :D

r4kk4 said...

i just want you to know that i laughed about your alcoholic baked goods for about thirty minutes last night! oh! and there i go again! hahahha!!!

i'm TOTALLY going to have to google map the bakery! hahhaha!!!

Anonymous said...

cool! I'll try and go! :)

r4kk4 said...


many thanks in advance! :D!!!

Anonymous said...

I was SO excited to go, but my hubby got called into work this morning!!! :( Please let me know of the next one!

r4kk4 said...

aw no! that's too bad! :(

it's ok though. from what i could gather from the site, they're gearing up to do more treat streets now that it's spring time! HOORAY!!