Thursday, March 08, 2007

even more delivery, treat street, pattern recognition

since i've been in super boring mode lately, all i have to write about today is another grocery delivery service. this time safeway.

we're still using spud but safeway fills in the gaps. and by gaps i mean, diet coke with splenda and cat food and litter that the cats will use. all purchased in bulk.

i have to admit, their delivery service rocks. i got to schedule the delivery time and my delivery driver collects reel to reel tapes and enjoys old architecture. pretty cool.

anyway, i have a question for my los angeles readers. have any of you been to treat street bakery, claire crespo and friends' secret bakery? (claire crespo being my idol, you understand. she's one of the reasons why i started baking.)

anyway, i have to ask a favor of you socal peeps. if you see signs like these:

(uh, those are photos of photos from an issue of anp quarterly.)

could you please follow them? maybe buy yourself a cupcake and then ever so politely ask if you could take photos of the bakery? because i'd LOVE to see more pics of it than i already have. (many thanks in advance if anyone actually does this!)

k, one last thing before i go be dull today. i started reading pattern recognition last night since pip recommended it. my question for you, pippolatta, is this. does it ever stop being "adjective, adjective, adjective, article of clothing"? i'm 59 pages in and all i really know about these people is what they like to wear.

in that respect, it's like anna karenina, only without the threat of a train at the end.

anyway, i'll keep reading it. but i'm starting to hope for a locomotive or, hell, even a light rail at this point. heh heh.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I've live in L.A. for almost 8 years now and never seen this! I'll definatly have to keep my eyes open next time! Sounds like fun. :)

Santos said...

wait. every one of the treat streets is basically on micheltorena or thereabouts in silverlake....i'm thinking it just moves from one side of the street to the other. (funny, it's right around where henry rollins lives. i wonder if he's into cupcakes.) there's a really good cuban bakery in that area on sunset blvd that has AWESOME cream cheese and guava pastries. with super strong cuban coffee--you must go! with or without treat street.

i remember really liking "pattern recognition" when i read it, but i don't remember the branding past the first couple of pages. i think i became immune to them :) i do remember that for awhile afterwards i had to resist an urge to rip off every brand from my clothing and to take sandpaper to the rivets on my levi's jeans to get rid of the logo.

come to think of it, i don't recall there being much of an ending to it as well....

r4kk4 said...

hey, shannon!! i think they only started doing treat street a year or so ago? (i'm not sure!) which might be why you haven't heard of it.

thanks though if you do find the bakery!! :D!

hahah! i'd noticed that too, santos! maybe they only put the bakery up at people's houses where they know the person? that way they don't have to get a permit to sell food on the street??

(i didn't know that rollins lived there! haha! maybe they could get him to do a spoken word at the bakery. (i'm giggling *so* much right now!!)

GAH!!! ok, it's on! the next time you're in l.a., i HAVE to visit. you know all of the awesome places to eat!!!

i'll start saving up for my airfare now! (you're going to be back in la in nov, right? (for the concert at the hollywood bowl? wow, i sound like a stalker! sorry!!)

"pattern recognition" is ok. i just wasn't used to gibson's writing style, i guess. (a lot of the stuff i read flows differently. to me, he's kinda stoppy-starty, advjective, would you like another adjective with that?, word, word, period. ahah!)

i can deal with the lack of ending though. ;D

Santos said...

i'm hoping to be there this summer too for more paul weller, so stay tuned! i like the way gibson writes, maybe because he writes like i think. stop starty. i guess i recognize the pattern, bwaaah.

r4kk4 said...


i don't know if i can get down there in the summer or not.

or can i??!??! events may prove otherwise. hmmmm...

i'll start saving either way.

gibson's writing was ok once i got used to it. although, if you talk like that in rl? i might have to sit down for a while to get my bearings. ;D HAHAHAH!

r.bean said...

oh yes there's an ending! i do think you adjust to the start-stopyness of it eventually, but i especially loved reading it when i first came to london from ny because her mirror-world was everyday my mirror world. extra special duplicity aside, it's a fun read.
go go go cupcake-o-clock!

r4kk4 said...

yeah, i could live with the ending, bean. those are the kinds i'm used to. :D!

and, OMG!!! it IS your mirror world!! :D!! (and i still have those damn cds that i need to send to you. i hvae GOT to hire a personal assistant. sigh..)

Anonymous said...

Oops, only just seen this! no, it doesn't stop being a description of clothes; but I guess you know that by now :)

r4kk4 said...

haha! i did figure it out but thanks for answering.

Anonymous said...

I should pay closer attention. Most of the time I just look at the pretty pictures.

r4kk4 said...

usually that's all that matters anyway. ;D