Wednesday, March 21, 2007

a lot of words about a little droid, free bread

tuesday i went on the hunt for the center's r2 box. since it was cold outside (seriously, seattle? it's bullshit that i'm having to wear a coat at the end of march.) i did a bit of research first.

the payphone project does mailboxes now! since i knew the general area of the box that i was looking for, i was able to narrow down the possible places where i needed to search.

i was betting on the droid being at 2nd ave n but i still stopped in the post office to buy stamps and ask the clerks if they happened to know where the queen anne r2 was. (they didn't but one said he'd drop by 2nd ave at lunch to check if i didn't report back to him.)

stamps in hand, i trooped past the key and their balloons

to 205 2nd ave n right in front of sacred heart and just across the street from the children's theatre. there it was.

i mailed off the kat's late bday present which is awesome because now i can say "i mailed your late bday present through a droid!".

it's doubly awesome because she's one of the few people that i watch "star wars" with.

when i returned home, there was a free croissant waiting for me.

now i ask you, what is better than a day with a free croissant and a droid shaped mailbox? not much.

tonight i think will be "smultronstället"/"wild strawberries" at siff if i don't go to the premiere of "through deaf eyes" at spl.

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