Thursday, April 26, 2007

the kaiser chief instore that wasn't

my week has still not fully recovered. it's been taken out of icu but it's still touch and go.

by this i mean that stupid shit is continuing to happen. case in point, last night's kaiser chiefs instore at easy street that leff, a and i showed up for. all week long, this had been billed as an instore performance only for it to turn into a freakin' dj set and signing. argh! (the dj set? it was songs that the kaiser chiefs had picked out. including "tooty fruity". what is it with british rock bands and their 50's american rock thing?? do you not realize that we've cannibalized all of that american culture and turned into advertising many times over by this point? *sigh*)

anyway, here's the back of one of their heads while they were signing something.

i guess it wasn't a total waste since i was able to see how close the space needle is to spain.

(thanks to pants for that observation, btw.)

today is a library day, i guess. and maybe some sort of sacrificial burning of herbs to some deity to make my week stop sucking so much. do you think that cumin counts?

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