Friday, April 13, 2007

happy friday the 13th!!

or, if you happen to be my little brother, happy 30th birthday! (um, i guess the "little" doesn't really apply so much anymore. esp since he's, like, six foot four now...)

anyway, happy bday, tumtum! have a bus photo!

(bwah-haa-haaaa!!!! sorry, sorry. *wiping tears from eyes* that's an oooold inside joke. hahah!)

(oh, redneck bus image taken from here.)

right, thursday. hmmm, more busy work, some party prep and about two hours of "ci". what? you're surprised by that last bit?

leff and i made a quick stop by larry's for party booze and somehow this whisk came home with us.

don't look at me. i have no idea how it got into our basket.

k, it's time to run. i've got to clean, cook, etc for the swapatorium party tonight.


josephpeter said...

Larry's? ummm... not anymore. hasn't been larry's for a few months.

r4kk4 said...

i reserve the right to call it larry's.

metropolitan market is just too long of a name for a grocery store.

Shannon said...

I love that whisk! :) Too cute! Happy Friday 13th to you too! My birthday falls on the 13th this year too! Whoot!

Shannon said...

Ok I meant Friday the 13th...yeah my birthday is always on the 13..ha.

r4kk4 said...

i LOVE bdays on friday the 13th!! :D!

my bro was born on a friday the 13th! i always thought that he should've been named jason. HAHAHAH!!!