Thursday, April 19, 2007


oh, hello there! sorry to have been gone so long but you know how it goes sometimes when you catch a particularly nasty head cold. (i'm feeling a lot better now, thanks!)

in my time away, i did nothing much other than read (special topics in calamity physics and heavier than heaven in their entirety and large parts of company and devil's knot. i read very fast, what can i say.) and watch a sizable amount of television. (a whole season of "ellen" but everything else was rather forgettable.)

which means no photos from those days. but i do have pictures from sunday when leff and i took the exorcist stairs

to the amgen park. (we kept walking until we got to the sculpture park.) anyway, here's sunday in four more photos.

(it's the bourgois fountain at the sculpture park. so that means that this is a bourgois ass.)

i think it may have been the starbucks sample that made me sick. damn you, sbux! grrrr!!

anyway, i've got a lot of things to catch up on since i was all personna all snotta the past few days. see you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

glad you are feeling better. me? i have no excuse for being a slacker.

air kiss, left cheek
air kiss, right cheek


r4kk4 said...

oh, come on now. you're not a slacker, silly boots!

air kisses right back at you!