Saturday, April 07, 2007

ballard, port townsend

friday? what was up with you? i thought you were going to be dull but then, *bam!*, you were all over the map! literally!

around noonish, i met leff in ballard.

we went to the locks for lunch. (mmmm! lockspot fish sammich! deeeelish!). the locks are deserted this time of year. not even the fish are in the ladders.

leff and i lounged for an hour or so in the beautiful, beautiful weather (70's (21 or so in c)) with gorgeous blue sky.

i could've eaten yesterday in a sno cone.

i was heading back home (with the start of an actual tan! minus ten geek points for me.) when j called wanting to know if i would like to go to port townsend with him.

port townsend?!? ok, sure. i'd never been.

we rushed downtown to the ferry terminal. the ticket lady assured us that we had made the 3:30ish one. hooray! so we parked the car in the second row for boarding and waited. and waited. only to see this:


luckily, we were able to board the next ferry an hour later but not before j had some cold french fries and an over-syruped soy latte from the coffee stand. poor j. all he wanted was a smoothie.

k, so port townsend isn't real!!! all of the quaintness is simulated.

our main reason for being in the pt was for a house show. of course, we didn't know where this house was located, so we killed some time waiting for directions and a map.

and then we walked around for a while.

elevated ice cream? what does that even mean? (hee hee!)

the view though...spectacular.

the show was pretty great but i have no photos. (j might eventually.) we saw three bands, dirty skulls (the cutest 8 year old rockers you'll ever see!), one band whose name started with a "d" (??? sorry. i've not had much sleep these past few days) and, my favorite, crazy for jane.

then it was all rushrushrush to try and catch one of the last ferries leaving from bainbridge. we made it with five minutes to spare!

oh noes! we're going to drive straight into smith tower!!

today might be about wooden boats but tonight is aaaaall about seder! d! i'm already practicing!! "only one kid/only one kid!/that daddy bought for two zuzim!!!"

i'm *so* gonna' rock that song!


josephpeter said...

Crazy for Jane

r4kk4 said...

i KNEW that you would know!


josephpeter said...

yeah, if you fixed my computer i would never forget your name either.

rakka deer said...

yeah, i could see that...