Monday, April 09, 2007

easter picnic, twilight princess

sunday morning was all sunny and cheery. perfect weather for a picnic really. (but not so much for the hangovers that leff and i were sporting. ungh...)

still, perfect picnic weather was fortuitous since s threw a big easter bash at green lake.

j and other s (who will forever more be called sa just so i don't have to keep writing "other s".) were kind enough to give me and leff a ride out to the park. oh, and to also entertain us with juggling, dancing and photo sessions.

s and w arrived with food a short while later. i only have photos of the lovely cake

and candy

because, come on, i was freakin' hungover. although, for some reason, that didn't preclude me from taking a photo of the butter with a deer on it. how odd.

heh heh. it says "challenge butt". heh heh.

anyway, it was a lovely picnic. many thanks again to s and w for everything!

after a loooooooooong, rainy trip home, leff started a game of "twilight princess". (it's taken this long to get it from gamefly.)

so far it's good. and, yes, it is darker than other zeldas. leff and i both are kinda' perplexed by some of the similarities to "okami" (both have wolves, similar looking spirit gods, er, that's all i've got right now...i could've sworn there were more.). but, you know, it's not affecting our enjoyment of the game. esp since leff changed link's name to a prinny joke.

your name is d00d. haha!

today i'm not doing a damn thing except research and prep on a few projects. seriously, i'm not leaving the neighborhood. unless someone bribes me with a trip to trophy but i don't see that happening.


Santos said...

happy after easter aka clearance peeps dayz!

even when you don't blog about turkey sammiches you make me want a turkey sammich

r4kk4 said...

happy peeps pickin' up day to you too! :D!

wow! reading your comment makes me want a turkey sammich!