Sunday, April 08, 2007

w00t makeblog, solu, seder

first things first, w00ts! two of my eggs got a mention on makeblog this morning! hooray! and thanks, makers!

around noonish on saturday, leff and i met a at the center for wooden boats. it's the perfect quiet place in the middle of the city to hang out and talk. oh! and to look at some really cool boats!

here's the museum proper.

i honestly do like wooden boats. this love stems from a disney cartoon that i saw when i was little. see, donald duck had a wooden boat model kinda like this one

that chip and dale stole to take sailing. remember that one? nah, i didn't think that you did.

anyway, this spot smelled like a log flume!

and we all know how that's one of my favorite smells in the world, right? no? well, now you do. (hee hee)

since i mentioned disney earlier, it only seems appropriate to write about our lunch at buca di beppo, otherwise known as "the disney of italian eateries". seriously, check out the decor.

it's like someone ate part of the italian exhibit at epcot, followed that with a tiny bit of it's a small world (WARNING!!!! that link plays the song!!) and then barfed all over the inside of a warehouse sized space.

please know that i'm not complaining. buca di beppo is fun and the food is entirely edible. it's just, you know, not very low key. and sometimes, other people's leftovers get delivered to your table. (bwah-haaa-haa!!)

a ate the remains of our chocolate tribute to the eruption of mount vesuvius (no, there were no candy body casts buried under the ice cream, thankfully.) with the serving spoon.

i heart a!!!!

on the way back to the car, we passed guitar center. after asking each of us if we wanted to rock, a forced us into the store.

nah, i'm lying. we went to guitar center because i wanted to see it they had the hello kitty strat. they don't. but they DO have a hell of a lot of keyboards and computery stuff.

have you ever seen two geek boys in a music store? they'll play with the keyboards and turntables aaaaaaaaall day. (yeah, i'm talkin' to you, a and leff! hahahha!!)

right, so after a quick phone call from home (padre to me: "the lenten season is SO HECTIC! good friday? not always so good. i often don't have time for lunch!") we headed to d's for seder!

you know what i've learned? i drink too much at seder.

i've also learned that manishevitz kinda' gives me a hangover.

as usual, seder was a hell of a lot of fun! we all sang "one only kid" (only i always mistakenly call it "only one kid")

and b and i have decided to start an "adventure rock" band where we sing about questing, unicorns and goddesses and crap. it'll be fun! we'll wear capes!!

oh! that reminds me! yesterday on the way to solu leff and i passed two cute geek kids. we overheard this:

cute geek kid 1: you can't cast a fire spell under water!
cute geek kid 2: oh, yes you can!!

i love seattle.

okay. time for some coffee. i've got about an hour and 15 minutes before i need to be at s's easter picnic and the manishevitz from last night is still kinda' slowing me down.

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