Friday, April 06, 2007

ignite 3.0

ignite, honey, baby? i want to keep loving you. i really do. but you've got to find a new venue. chac is too small, hot and crowded for the geek masses in this town. i know you tried by rearranging the seats but, sweetie, it just didn't work. (the guy that worked the door told me that he'd clicked through about 270 people. seriously, it's outgrown the lovely chac.)

i'm begging you. move somewhere else. otherwise, i'm going to have to stop seeing you.

that being said, it was cool watching the twitter live section being set up.

and the airplane contest was a lot of fun! (it was nice meeting you, team razzle dazzle!)

oh, and thanks for liking my bf's tripod, bre pettis! you did a great job mcing the contest!

no one can doubt my commitment to team sparkle motion because i posted their photo.

(although, actually, they could doubt my commitment because in reality that's team afternoon delight. sorry for the mix-up, guys!)

but i left after jordan schwartz's awesome beekeeping talk. (it really was awesome!) too hot. too crowded. one majorly obnoxious drunken fuckwad that should have been cut off at the bar.

really, ignite. i do love you. just, please. a new venue? maybe some seats that aren't welded together? thanks.

it wasn't an entirely lost night, however, leff and i had a lovely walk home. he has some nice photos that he'll be uploading soon and i have this crappy shot of a lovebird.

i don't care that it's crappy. i really like that lovebird.

so yeah, i didn't get to see much of ignite v 3.0. too bad really because it's a great event. oh well, there's always 4.0? maybe??

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